Director Message

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I am delighted to welcome you to the world of DAWN (FJAR). DAWN is indeed much more than a brand and a business! It is a name that consumers in the region trust, and an epitome for quality!

In this year, DAWN (FJAR) has evolved from being the generic name for mineral water in the region to become a leading brand. All along this journey, we believed in offering Premium Product for Better Life, committing ourselves to extending world-class quality.

DAWN has always espoused a mission to make life better and more convenient for our consumers, reaching out through sustained campaigns to reinforce our pure and natural attributes. Our flagship natural mineral water bottled right at the source in the foothills of Masfout, in Ajman. DAWN’s brand name on a product is a promise to the consumers that it is of the highest quality.

We take pride in being known as a respected, trustworthy and socially responsible company and our actions are guided by these principles. As part of this mission, we continue to invest in our people, their careers, talents and capabilities, and enable them to innovate in order to deliver high quality service to our customers.

We hope you find the information in our website engaging and informative, and we welcome your inputs and suggestions – this is what inspires us!!!

Thank you.