• DAWN, Bottled Drinking Water
  • DAWN, Bottled Drinking Water
  • DAWN, Bottled Drinking Water

Chemical Composition Mg/Litre

Sodium 1.3

Potassium 4.5

Chloride 60

Magnesium 11

Sulphate < 2


Calcium 12

Nitrate < 0.1

Bicarbonate 14


Carbonate 14

Total Hardness 76

TDS 110

PH 7.4


DAWN (FJAR) is a certified organization and applies the ISO 9001:2008 quality system along with HACCP:2006 standard for the processing, manufacturing and supply of bottled drinking water.

DAWN (Fjar) took its first step in the field in 2013 in Dubai as quality bottled brand of mineral water in United Arab Emirates and GCC. DAWN (FAJR) has maintained standing in the country’s best quality mineral water, and striving its best to hold the leading the position in the brands of Middle East. Not only the neighboring countries like Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia the DAWN (FJAR) is also exported to Sudan, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Afghanistan and UK providing the maintained quality with best price.